Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Friday, February 26, 2010

YUM! Best Pancakes!!!

The snow has finally caught up with Central New York!  Normally we have been buried in snow many times over by the time of year, but this year it has come a little late.  That's fine with me.  And it's more than fine with the kids who are thrilled with our second snow day in a row. 

To celebrate I made Sandi Henderson's pancakes. I saw the recipe yesterday when I was looking over her blog and her GORGEOUS new collection of fabrics called Meadowsweet - I am in love!!!  The only thing sweeter than those prints is the pancakes.  Believe me, if you love comforting foods (and these would be good for dinner or late at night as well), then these are IT.  Hands down.  THE best.

Here is the recipe for the BEST pancakes!!!  You will be glad you tried them.


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