Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Into the Blue

When we moved into our house we were thrilled that it had a swimming pool.  I lived in a pool growing up and dreamed of having one of my own for my own family, so it was a selling point for us.  Problem is that the liner really began fading in the past five years, and the with the constant sun it began to break down. 

We budgeted money to replace the liner this summer, and here it is.  I cannot tell you how stressful this seemingly simple choice was for our family.  My husband had definite ideas about what color liner he wanted, and then there were other issues that arose from my expectations of the service.  (I may or may not share them here.)  However, I did want to share these especially cute pictures of some of my little ones enjoying their Daddy and their pool (and their new watering cans). 

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